Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Sweet Sidney

I think we are all starting to heal a little over the loss of our sweet greyhound Sidney.  We are remembering all the great things about this dog, he was such a sweetheart.  He loved to be hugged.  He would go out in the yard and get his paws muddy, I told him he did that on purpose so I would have to clean his paws off when he came in.  He seemed to like that and would put his head on my shoulder or look up at me with a big grin while I cleaned his paws.  Of all my six greyhounds, he was the one that smiled the most.

A few years ago when we were at Dewey Beach, we had a Noreaster.  Sidney did like that, he loved standing out there in the wind.  He had to go out to go potty, in the meantime while he was enjoying the wind, I was almost getting blown away.  He did love the beach.  What a hound our Sidney was, we love him so much and remember what a great dog he was instead of the tragedy of his bone cancer.  We love you Sidney!

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