Monday, May 30, 2011

Sassy Cheryl's Show Me Thursday # 26

Every Thursday is "Show Me Thursday" at Sassy Cheryl's.  I never posted  to this before because no way could I let anyone see my craft room.  This weekend is Memorial Day weekend and hubby and I decided we were just staying home and moving furniture, shampooing carpets and in between all that mowing the lawn.

My craft room still isn't what I would like it to be but I must say I am a lot happier with it now that it is a little more organized.  I had 2 small tables before but brought in the 6 foot table, gives me more room and I can store some of the carts under the table.  Now I have to go through each drawer and organize them and label the drawers but that is not going to happen today.  On the table there are a couple of finished projects and some that I am working on.

Now that I have the room a little more organized, I even have room for the exercise bike in a place where I can use it instead of shoved in the corner with paper piled on top of it.

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So there it is folks complete with hound!  Happy Memorial Day everyone.
It's hard trying to take a picture when you have to aim towards the windows.

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  1. Well, I think it's a FANTASTIC space and look at that sweet little 4 legged creature on the bed. No doubt waiting for you to go for a walk.
    Oh and the projects! Those look simply AMAZING!!!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing your space for the 1st time this week. So great to see where you work and what you're currently working on!