Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hens n Chickens

Just had to share this picture.  My cousin takes old work boots and plants Hens n Chickens in them.  He gave me these a couple of years ago but this Spring they have really taken off.  I guess all the snow and cold weather we had over the winter has really helped all the plants.  Everything around our house seems to be growing like crazy and the trees all look so beautiful all dressed in their green leaves.

I had these work boot planters out by our other door but the chipmunks keep munching on them so I had to move them to where they are now.  I had another pot of the same plant by the other door but the chipmunks ate them.  I didn't think the chipmunks would munch on this type of plant.

Enjoy everyone and have a wonderful day, it is so beautiful here today.  Our mulberry tree is just loaded with berries.  They are not ripe yet but when they are, the deer and the birds will have a feast.  Hopefully I can get some pictures of the deer eating the berries when they get ripe.

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