Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Sad Note for Sidney

Bad news about our sweet greyhound Sidney, found out yesterday he has bone cancer.  He slipped coming into the house a couple of weeks ago, he started limping and we thought it was because of the little slip coming in the house.  Turns out he probably slipped because his leg was getting week from the cancer.  His leg started to swell a little, an x-ray confirmed our suspicions.  Sidney is the 5th greyhound we've adopted, such sweet gentle hounds.  We are heartbroken, he is such a sweet, sweet boy.   We adopted him in the summer of 2005.  At that time we had two other greyhounds and the three of them got along so well.

Our hearts are breaking but we know we have to let him go soon.  I can't let him suffer, we have several pain meds to keep him comfortable.  We could amputate and do chemo but my vet doesn't really advise it.  We have to think of what is best for our 10 year old boy, amputation and chemo might give him a few more months.  Do we really want to put our boy through all that pain and agony, no I don't think so. I can't do that to him, put him through that agony just so we can have a little more time with him.  I love him to much for that.  He can barely hold up that leg and is just dragging his paw, so soon he will be in a better place.

Here's some pictures of our sweet boy Sidney.  This is when we first brought him home in 2005, here he is with us, his new daddy and mommy.  We even had a Welcome Home Sidney party with some friends that also have greyhounds.

This picture is also when we first brought him home and introduced him to our 2 girls, Vicki and Carol.  We always muzzle the hounds when we first introduce them to new hounds.  A precaution just to make sure they are going to get along, and they did fabulously!  Sidney is on the left with the blue muzzle.

The rest of the pictures are from 2009, here he is with his new sister Ribena after we lost Vicki and Carol also to cancer.  I think most dogs die of some form of cancer.

Sadly, I'll see how he does today and we will have to make a heartbreaking decision but one that will be best for him.


  1. Oh Susan, I am just weeping reading your post. My heart is breaking so bad for you and your hubby. This is a horrible place to have to be. Knowing that your pet depends on you to do what is right but at the same time just not wanting to say goodbye to them. Sweetie, I will be thinking and praying all day for you! Big Big hugs

  2. Sue - this story breaks my heart. I don't know if I could make a decision like you have to make. I'll say a prayer for you and Dana, and a special one for Sidney.
    Please know that you are in my thoughts!
    ♥ your cousin,

  3. Oh Sue, this is so sad, I am so sorry for you and hubby! Sidney will be pain free but he will love you forever, as you will always love him! Ribena will miss him too and I'm sure you will be able to comfort each other in the coming days. My best thoughts and prayers go out to you.

  4. So handsome! Thinking of you all.